Bindery Services

Bindery Services:

Appletree Printing offers a wide variety of in-house bindery services to customers, providing a one-stop shopping for their printing requirements. Here is a list of the bindery services we can provide our customers.

Booklet Services:
Whether you just need to have a printing job collated or a multi-page brochure saddled-stitched, we have the equipment to fill your order. From saving you time to providing you with a glossy brochure, we can do it.

Anyone who wants to prolong the life of their printed projects should consider adding a lamination. It increases their stiffness and durability and protects from fingerprints and smudges.

Sequential numbering is an important factor in maintaining accurate records for invoices, packing slips and other company forms. It is essential for tracking purposes especially when many copies, such as carbonless forms, are distributed. We can add numbering to various stocks and for other purposes such as tickets for functions and prizes where number control is a necessity.

When forms or parts of forms need to be separated, a perforation allows for an easy and clean removal. Our equipment can perforate text and card stocks for coupons, response cards, tickets, business forms and other products that require a portion to be detached.

Scoring is a step that is added to card stock that needs to be folded. A groove is scored into the stock which ensures a more accurate fold and minimizes any cracking that would otherwise normally occur in the paper. Our equipment can apply multiple scores at one time which is effective for specialty requirements, such as might be used in light packaging. One score or many, we can handle it.

Various Folding Options:
Many flyers and brochures, whether for distribution or aesthetics, need to be folded. We have the equipment to offer high-speed folding options for any requirement.

Die Cutting:
Do you need something a little different to catch a potential customers' eye? We can design a unique shape, print it and have it die cut for you. One popular and effective item is a door hanger. Many customers have used this method to effectively promote their products or services. Let us know if there is an item that we can create for you.

Foil Stamping:
Another technique that adds an extra level of finish to a printed project is foil stamping. Use it to dress up everything from your business cards and letterhead to presentation folders. There is no limit to its uses. Gold, silver and other colours are available to add that extra edge to your projects.