Our Equipment

Our Equipment

Here at Appletree Printing we take pride in the equipment we have under our roof. Since we have all the equipment in-house, we are able to provide fast turnaround and we have full control of the output quality. We make sure the job gets done right the first time.

Small Format Production Equipment

Xerox 800 CPXerox 800 CP

The Xerox 800 Colour Press outputs the best quality print in the industry. This work horse not only prints photo quality but is EXTREMELY Fast! It’s great for short run jobs and if you need a rush job, we are able to turn it around in a jiffy. The following items have all been run on the 800 - business cards, postcards, flyers, sell sheets, brochures, labels, carbonless forms, Xerox presentation folders, calendars, booklets, manuals, newsletters, small posters and direct marketing.

CSS TemplateXerox Nuvera 100

The Xerox Nuvera 100 Black Digital Printer is an amazing piece of equipment. Just like our Xerox 800, it can print high quality and very fast. Flyers, sell sheets, brochures, carbonless forms, booklets, newsletters, and direct marketing are all done on this machine.

CSS TemplateHeidelberg SM52 Offset Press

Heidelberg is the biggest name in the offset press industry. Heidelberg machines output the highest quality and are the most reliable. Appletree's Heidelberg SM52 is no different. With our experienced operators we produce premium quality at a very fast rate. Our SM52 is a 5 colour press which can output almost every print application in the book, from full colour books to special forms.

CSS TemplateHeidelberg PM46 Offset Press

The PM46 is an offset press that prints 1 or 2 colours. This machine also lives up to the Heidelberg name for quality output and reliability. On this press we print letterheads, envelopes, business cards, carbonless forms and many more products.

Large Format Equipment

CSS TemplateHP L26500

The HP L26500 is a Latex Large Format printer that has the ability to print indoor and outdoor applications. Since it uses Latex technology it is the most environmentally friendly machine on the market producing ZERO VOC's. We are able to laminate any application directly after printing it because there are no VOC's and the print is immediately dry. On older machines, the print does not come off dry and the operator has to wait for the VOC fumes to dispel which could take up to 24 hours. What does this mean for you? Your rush jobs can be printed, laminated, out the door and into your hands all in the same day.

GBC 2064WFGBC 2064WF

Our GBC 2064 Wide Format Laminator is easily the most versatile laminator in the market. We can mount, laminate, and encapsulate all with one machine. Like all of the machinery we have at Appletree Printing, it is very productive, high quality and very reliable.

Finishing Equipment

Heidelberg StahlfolderHeidelberg Stahlfolder

The Heidelberg Stahl Folder is a masterpiece. It is a high production folder that runs with great precision. On it we can fold applications in half to more complex formats like a gatefold.

Duplo 5000 Booklet MakerDuplo 5000 Booklet Maker

The Duplo Booklet Maker is a production machine that can fold, staple, and trim up to an 80 page book. It is also great for just collating.

Morgana Autocreaser Pro 33Morgana Autocreaser Pro 33

The Morgana Scorer is great for applications that need to get folded but start to crack on the spine with ordinary folding. If this happens, we just pop the application on our Morgana and start scoring it. The machine is fast and precise.  It creates a beautiful score that cannot be beat.

Heidelberg Polar 78 CutterHeidelberg Polar 78 Cutter

Our Heidelberg Polar 72 is a Guillotine Cutter that can cut up to 3" of card stock at one time.  It is a production machine that does extremely precise cuts and we use it on almost every application that goes through our shop.